Tugboat Captain Salaries, How Much Do They Earn?

A tugboat captain earns approximately $101,000 per year in the USA or £46,000 per year in the UK.

However, the amount varies depending on experience and location.

So if you are a tugboat captain looking for a job, consider high paying regions to earn extra.

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What a tugboat captain does

A tugboat captain must demonstrate strong command and leadership skills as well as the ability to multitask.

The captain has an obligation for the safe operation of the tug boat under tough and challenging situations.

Tug boats are used to pull or push cargo barges to transport goods both locally and internationally.

Tug boats may also provide towing to vessels in distress and provide berthing to large ships in harbours.

Tug boat captains determine the best way to utilize navigational aids and boat equipment.

They are responsible for transporting goods, financial and logistic interactions with clients, crew members and senior management.

They should be able to provide services on rivers, bays and harbours successfully.

In addition, a tug boat captain should maintain records and operate under maritime laws and regulations.

He should direct and coordinate all onboard activities and ensure goods reach their destination safely.

How much does a tugboat captain earn?

Generally, a tug boat captain with average experience will earn approximately $101300 annually.

Every tug boat captain earns different depending on where they are working and their experience.

You don’t expect a tug boat captain on entry-level to earn the same as a tug boat captain who has been in operation for more than ten years.

The more experienced, the better, as it is believed an experienced captain will handle things more professionally and with ease.

Besides, he is likely to have encountered challenges in his line of duty, so he will know what to do in case something goes wrong as we can’t discard the possibility of uncertainties while in operation.

A tug boat captain at an entry-level with one year or less experience may earn $89000 based on six salaries, including overtime pay bonus and tips.

That’s the total compensation.

A tug boat captain with about one to four years’ experience should expect a total compensation of $98000 on average based on twelve salaries.

One with more than five years’ experience but less than ten years may earn $98700 based on twelve salaries.

Those in their late careers with more than twenty years’ experience earn close to $115800 total compensation.

What qualifications do I need to be a tugboat captain?

Though qualifications may vary from country to country, you need minimum qualifications like any other profession to be a tugboat captain.

You will need to complete a maritime training in a recognized maritime academy after which you will be awarded a bachelor of science degree.

In the US, you will need at least five years’ experience in the maritime industry before being recognized as a tugboat captain.

You also need to pass a criminal record background check to qualify as a tugboat captain.

Other captains gain their experience first as a deckhand or steersman. However, you must complete the basic training first.

How Much Does A Tugboat Captain Get Paid?

Tugboat captains earn an average of $101,300 per year.

However, the salary varies depending on a number of factors, including the country you are working from as well as your experience in the industry.

The fundamental qualification is maritime training in a recognized maritime academy.