The Americas Cup

The Americas Cup is informally known as the “Auld Mug” and is the oldest formally recognised international sporting competition.

Races are between 2 sailing boats, one challenger and one defender (the current cup holders).

It’s not a yearly event nor does it have any fixed schedule, instead dates are agreed between the 2 parties.

Any yacht club can make a challenge if they meet the requirements in the “deed of gift” and can safely challenge the defenders.

History of Americas Cup

The history of the cup dates back to 1851 when a business syndicate out of New York bought a boat and sailed the schooner “America” across the Atlantic for the World Fair in England winning a race around the Isle of Wight against a fleet of British yachts.

They claimed the prize of the £100 cup which wouldn’t get you many boating products or gear these days nor go far towards maintenance of your sailing ship.

From there on the United States embarked on the longest winning streak in history defending the trophy 24 times through a period from 1870 to 1983 until Australia successfully challenged and won in 1983.

Americas Cup Defenders And Challenges


YearDefenderCountryChallengerCountryWon By
185115 yachtsEnglandAmericaUSAAmerica
1871Columbia / SapphoUSALivoniaEnglandColumbia / Sappho
1876MadeleineUSACountess of DufferinCanadaMadeleine
1893VigilantUSAValkyrie IIEnglandVigilant
1895DefenderUSAValkyrie IIIEnglandDefender
1901ColumbiaUSAShamrock IIEnglandColumbia
1903RelianceUSAShamrock IIIEnglandReliance
1920ResoluteUSAShamrock IVEnglandResolute
1930EnterpriseUSAShamrock VEnglandEnterprise
1937RangerUSAEndeavour IIEnglandRanger
1967IntrepidUSADame PattieAustraliaIntrepid
1970IntrepidUSAGretel IIAustraliaIntrepid
1974CourageousUSASouthern CrossAustraliaCourageous
1983LibertyUSAAustralia IIAustraliaAustralia II
1987Kookaburra IIIAustraliaStars & Stripes ’87USAStars & Stripes ’87
1988Stars & Stripes ’89USANew Zealand ChallengeNew ZealandStars & Stripes
1992America3USAIl Moro di VeneziaItalyAmerica3
1995Young AmericaUSATeam New ZealandNew ZealandTeam New Zealand
2000Team New ZealandNew ZealandLuna RossaItalyTeam New Zealand
2003Team New ZealandNew ZealandAlinghiSwitzerlandAlinghi
2007AlinghiSwitzerlandEmirates Team New ZealandNew ZealandAlinghi
2010Alinghi SwitzerlandBMW Oracle RacingUSABMW Oracle Racing
2013Oracle Team USAUSAEmirates Team New ZealandNew ZealandOracle Team USA
2017Oracle Team USAUSAEmirates Team New ZealandNew ZealandEmirates Team New Zealand

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