3 Best Mens Nautical Watches

Sailing requires accuracy and precision and therefore, a nautical watch that provides accurate timing is of priceless value to a yachtsman’s outfit!

For ages, watchmakers have concentrated on this art.

For example, a company such as Breguet has specialized in designing nautical watches for more than 200 years now designing chronometers for the Royal Navy of France.

More watch brands followed and maintained precision, craftsmanship, and hefty price tags.

This article aims at discussing 3 of the best nautical watches for men. So, keep scrolling…

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1. Optimum Time Series 12

If you’re looking for a regatta watch that excellently works for sail racing, then you should consider this product.

It also has normal time-keeping modes of 12 hours and 24 hours.

I have picked this option because it has plenty of outstanding features.

Key features

  • a large, readable display that is crafted using polarized lenses.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel polished buckle.
  • Huge 39mm viewing area.
  • Shock resistant construction

Depending on your preferences, you can either wear it around your waist or stretch it around the boat’s mast.


  • It is easy to operate
  • It is tightly sealed and water resistant.
  • Large buttons, and the display can be rotated from horizontal to vertical. This sailing watch is designed with specialized timer functions as well.
  • Great racing functions.


  • Its strap might stretch with time.

2. Garmin Quatik Multisport Marine Smartwatch

The Garmin nautical watch is excellent at offering connectivity using adaptable chart plotters and other devices.

Key features

  • Autopilot control
  • Remote waypoint marking
  • Data streaming that displays wind, depth, speed, and temperature.
  • It packs built-in app controls which are connected to stereo-active devices.

The nautical watch consists of buttons, a steel bezel, and a rear case as well as a Quick-Fit band system.

It also boasts more advanced and unique features.

It is quite costly, but if you compare the services that it offers, it is safe to say that it is worth its cost.


  • Authentic quality.
  • Great durability.
  • Advanced and unique features.


  • It is quite costly.

3. Seiko Divers Deep Blue Dial Nautical Watch

Are you looking for a classy and sporty nautical watch that is best for sailing?

If your answer is yes, then this Seiko is the best option for you.

It does not cost that much and it functions excellently.

I have picked this watch because it has a classy appearance and functions excellently.

Key features

  • Resistance against water, scratches, and bumps and therefore can be used for rugged activities.
  • It features a great unidirectional rotating bezel, a tang clasp, and a sold case back.
  • It is made of a water-resistant stainless-steel housing.

This deep blue dial looks even more impressive with its luminous hands.

It fits perfectly and never looks bulky or out of place.


  • Great looking watch with the deep blue dials.
  • Average size – neither too small nor too big.
  • Simple to read with its huge display.


  • People with big wrists will find this watch to be quite small.

What’s The Best Nautical Watch For Men?

These are some of the best nautical watches for men…

  1. Optimum Time Series 12
  2. Garmin Quatik Multisport Marine Smartwatch
  3. 3. Seiko Divers Deep Blue Dial Nautical Watch

Generally, it can be a difficult task finding the best nautical watches especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

With the products mentioned here, you will have an easy time comparing which is the best option for you!