5 Best Gifts For Boaters and Sailors (Practical, Stylish and Cool)

If it comes to the holiday season, or a birthday, or an anniversary, or you simply want to gift something to make that person’s day...you’re going to need an appropriate gift.

If the person in question is a sailor or boater, you might want to make your gift nautical themed, so that they’re guaranteed to like it! 

The problem is, if you yourself know little to nothing about boats and sailing, you might struggle to come up with a good gift.

And sure, the internet is full of nautical gift suggestions, but it can be overwhelming to look through them, and most of the time you’re left just as clueless. 

One of our go-to strategies for gift-giving is to make sure it’s something they will be able to use, that way it won’t just be left on an old shelf, forgotten over time!

With nautical gifts, you can look out for items that match the sailing theme, along with having some sort of practical use! 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list with 10 gift ideas that are perfect for boaters and sailors, as they match the nautical theme and can be used out on a boat while sailing the sea.

Have a look through them, hopefully, one of them will be ideal for the person you have in mind!

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10 Nautical Gift Ideas For Boaters And Sailors: 

A Waterproof bag

Sailors need to carry quite a lot of things when they’re out at sea on their boat, and sometimes it can be a struggle to keep everything organized, and protected from the weather conditions and splash of waves.

So a waterproof bag is not only a great gift, but it’s also incredibly practical and they will absolutely be using it on a daily basis! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag - Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing with Waterproof Phone Case

This Earth Pak waterproof bag is a bestselling product, ideal for sailing and all other marine activities.

It’s available in plenty of different colors, and you can also choose from different sizes!

Lightweight, compact, and completely waterproof. 

It’s fully certified to keep all your gear and items fully protected from the weather and water. 

It features a snap closure which is super easy to use and has a shoulder strap along with a heavy-duty waist belt so that the weight isn’t a problem during transportation.

Plus, this product also includes a phone case that is also waterproof!

A Leather writing journal

If your nautical friend spends long periods of time out on their boat, traveling the ocean, they might want to keep track of their ongoings.

A leather writing journey can be the perfect gift to show them you care about their story, and it will likely help them keep track of the days, which can be harder out at sea! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


EvZ Leather Writing Journal Notebook, 7 Inches Vintage Nautical Spiral Blank String Diary Notepad Sketchbook Travel to Write in, Unlined Paper, Retro Pendants, Classic Embossed, Coffee

This writing journal is a beautiful leather notebook, measuring 7 x 5 inches, with 160 blank pages, ideal for sketching, writing, and more!

It is also refillable, so you can easily remove or insert pages, as needed, making it super convenient.

It is made from high-quality PU leather, which is soft to the touch and incredibly durable.

It is also designed with a beautiful nautical theme, with nautical accessories that are ideal for sailors and boat lovers.

Boat scuff erasers 

Maintaining a boat in top condition is hard work, it requires a lot of deep cleaning and a lot of regular check-ups.

A boat scuff eraser kit can be a gift that shows you know how important the boat is, and it will come in very handy to get rid of all the scuff marks so that the boat looks as good as possible! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Premium Boat Scuff Erasers | Boating Accessories Gifts for Cleaning Boat Accessories or Gift for Pontoon Sail Boat Fishing Jon Boats Decks Vinyl Boat Cleaner Hull Supplies & Gadgets for Men & Women

This boat scuff eraser kit comes as a pack of three and is incredibly practical to have on hand.

The scuff erasers can remove both marks and dirt, quickly and effectively, so that the boat is back to being in top condition.

You simply add water to the eraser, squeeze it, and then wipe away the scuff marks on the boat surface. 

These erasers are extra thick sponges, for extra durability and amount of uses, making them some of the best.

They also have a reinforced core, and they’re free from any harsh corrosive chemicals.

They’re safe for multiple types of surfaces, and they’re made to meet the highest standards of quality! 

A Monocular Telescope

You could gift your boating friend one of those old-fashioned monocular telescopes that sailors used to use for spotting land in the distance.

Or you could gift them a modern one that is way more useful for their adventures out at sea!

You could even joke around and tell them it’s so that they can keep an eye on you while they’re away! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Monocular Telescope High Power 8x42 Monoculars Scope Compact Portable Waterproof Fogproof Shockproof with Hand Strap for Adults Kids Bird Watching Hunting Camping Hiking Travling Wildlife Secenery

This monocular telescope is a top-selling product from FEEMIC, which offers a high-quality precision design, with an all-glass high-end optic.

The high power provides an 8x magnification with a 42mm objective diameter wide lens. With it, you have 1000 yards of view! 

It’s waterproof, fog-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, making it highly efficient and durable, perfect for sailing conditions.

It also has light reflection and minimal distortion, with a built-in low-light night vision so that you can use it during both day and night time.

It has been designed to be compact and lightweight, comfortable to use.

Plus, it comes with a hand strap and a carry case!

Not to mention, it also includes a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered no matter the issue! 

A Multi-Purpose Sailing Knife

A multi-purpose knife is always incredibly useful. There are plenty of survival multi-purpose knives, but why not get an actual sailing multi-purpose knife?

That way they can have an all-in-one tool wherever they go. 

Plus, sometimes you can find knives that can be personalized, turning them into a unique and thoughtful gift. 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Maxam 3 3/4 Inch Sailor's Tool, a Powerful Multi-Use Sailor Knife Ideal for Boating, Fishing, Camping or Outdoor Activity, Silver

The Maxam Sailor’s knife is a dynamic nautical knife that is incredibly effective and multi-purpose, ideal not only for boating, but also for camping, survival, hunting, and many more.

It features a honed blade, a marlinspike, a shackle key, a bottle opener, and a stainless steel handle ruler.

It has a sleek and elegant design and arrives packaged in a box.

It’s the ultimate versatile multi-purpose knife that will make sailing a lot easier.

And as a plus, it’s highly affordable and high-value, popular amongst many satisfied customers. 

A Nautical Knot Kit

If you’ve ever heard anything about sailing, you might know that sailors need to know their knots.

There are many different types that serve many different purposes, and they can be the difference between success and failure while out on your boat, so they’re super important!

With that said, a nautical knot kit can be perfect for helping your friend remember the knots, including the trickier ones! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


ReferenceReady Nautical Knot Tying Kit for Boaters and Sailors

This nautical knot tying kit is the perfect gift for sailors, and it is a top-selling product with a great number of positive reviews.

It comes with everything you need to learn and practice 20 of the most common and important boating knots.

It comes with knot cards with instructions and two 3-foot lengths of 550 cordages. 

The kit comes in a bag and is designed to be highly portable and convenient so that you can always have it on hand when needed.

The instructions are all super easy to follow, so they’re also ideal for beginner sailors.

All of the knot cards are completely waterproof and printed on durable plastic so that they will last for years to come aboard the boat.

And if you have any issues with the product, the brand has amazing customer service to help you out! 

Nautical-themed glasses

Sailing can be hard work, but there are plenty of moments for your boater friend to chill and relax while out at sea.

You can help them along with that by gifting them a set of nautical-themed glasses!

They will look right at home on a boat and could be used for different types of drinks. (Plus, they would be perfect for celebrating special occasions aboard a boat with other people!) 

For this gift idea we recommend:


SET OF 4 -Stemless Boat Wine Glasses-Nautical Themed, Plastic, 16oz, Pool Wine Glasses, Shatter Proof Drinking Glasses for Wine or Cocktails

These nautical wine glasses are available as a set of 4, and you can choose from two different designs (although we recommend the nautical one for this purpose!)

They look like real glass, with a sleek design, but they’re actually made of plastic with a crystal-like finish. 

This way, they are completely shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and all the more durable! Considering how much a boat can move side to side when out at sea, these will be far more useful than real glass! 

Each glass has one nautical design: an anchor, a compass, a life ring, and a helm.

They’re a great gift for sailors and boat enthusiasts and can be used for any occasion.

On top of that, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product!

A Compass

Sailors need to be able to navigate the sea with confidence, and although there are plenty of modern tools to help them with that, they will absolutely love having their very own sailor’s pocket compass.

Not to mention that a compass is a beautiful gift, with great symbolism, and with the possibility of being engraved and personalized! This might be one of our favorite nautical gift ideas ever! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Sailor's Art Vintage Style Brass Pocket Compass with Wooden Box, Quote Engraved, Gifts for Kids Children Teen Family, Nautical Navy Compass, Baptism Gifts, Confirmation Gifts

The Sailor’s Art nautical pocket compass is a beautifully crafted pocket compass, perfect for sailors.

It is available in different designs, with slightly different engravings.

However, the default design comes with an engraved quote that reads: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined!”, by Thoreau. 

The compass is made from antique brass, with corrosion resistance and a fully protected interior mechanism that will allow it to function for years to come.

It comes either in a small wooden box or in a leather pouch, depending on what you choose.

It provides accurate directional assistance and can be used in many different situations.

And as it’s 2 inches in diameter, it can easily fit into a pocket for convenience and portability! 

A Sailing multi-purpose tool 

We’ve already mentioned a sailor’s multi-purpose knife, but that can only do so many things.

A sailing multi-purpose tool will cover things such as opening bottles, cutting fishing lines, and having a safety whistle! 

They’re incredibly practical and handy, and it shows that you want your boating friend to stay safe and comfortable while out at sea! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Boat Gadget - This 10-in-1 Boat Tool Includes Beer and Wine Bottle Opener, Safety Whistle, Fishing Line Cutter, Marine Gas Cap Key and Other Essential Tools - Ideal Gifts for Boat Owners -Orange

This 10 in 1 multi-purpose boat tool is the ultimate versatile and convenient gadget.

It’s a top-selling product, recommended by many customers, and it comes available in three different colors for you to choose from.

The tools include a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a square drain plug wrench, a survival whistle, a deck boat gas cap key, a flip-top gas cap, a flat top drain plug tool, a canvas snap opener, a molded notched, a fishing line cutter, and a T-bar drain plug hole crank. 

It’s designed and made by boaters, for boaters, and has been designed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting.

It also comes with a clip, so that you can attach the tool to a surface when not in use!

A Captain Hat!

I mean...we simply had to include a captain hat!

You could also look for a proper pirate captain hat, for that extra flair, but a basic hat might be a lot more practical for day-to-day use. 

A good hat that states your friend is the captain will make them look stylish and will showcase how important they are.

Plus you could get a matching hat for the first mate too! 

For this gift idea we recommend:


Captain Hats, First Mate Hats, First Mate Gifts for Women, Boat Captain Gifts, Gifts for Boaters, Boating Gifts, Boat Captain Gifts, Boating Gifts for Couple, Nautical Sailing Match White, Blue

This gift pack comes with a captain and first mate pair of matching hats, along with matching can coolers and bottle coolers, so that you can have a whole aesthetic setup on board!

They feature an appealing design, with bold letters in blue and white, showcasing nautical colors!

Best Gifts For Sailors and Boaters

These are some great gift ideas for sailors and boaters alike.

If none of these appeal consider buying some marine speakers for boats or a rubber dinghy.

Best of luck with your choices.

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