5 Best Boat Anchors (It’s Essential For Your Safety!)

Whether you are an expert or a newbie to the noble art of fishing, you’ll need to become aware of one thing very quickly - the fishing anchor is a must-have piece of safety equipment.

You might have already bought a shoddy anchor in the past and you might be aware of some of the poorer models’ most fatal flaws.

The metal can warp and bend, the line is way too slack or the curve of the anchor does not properly hold to the riverbed that well.

Where can you find the best boat anchors? What is the best material for your boat anchor to be made from?

What is the best shape and design of anchor for the style of fishing that you’ll be doing? Which anchors are least susceptible to rusting?

How much can you be expected to pay for a decent anchor for your boat?

Well, if you are craving a good anchor for your next fishing trip, then you should look no further, as we’ve got everything that you need for your next fishing trip.

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MarineNow Galvanized Bruce Style Anchor (1 kg 2.2 lb)

This first type of anchor is probably one of the most popularly used on sailing and fishing boats.

It is great for using over depths of around 40-feet, catching well, although sometimes it will drift over soft sand sea bottoms.

Some fishers have used this on the deep and cold waters of Alaska and suffered no adverse effects - introducing MarineNow Galvanized Bruce Style Anchor.

This anchor is made from very sturdy galvanized steel, which is great for resisting rust and is obviously very durable.

Because this anchor is so small, it won’t cost you that much money, great for first-time fishers who are on a budget.

This anchor works very well at digging into grass bottoms.


  • This anchor is made from galvanized steel, which is highly resistant to rust, meaning that it will last you for a significant length of time.

  • You can rig this anchor up with various rope thicknesses, which is great for creating very sturdy support. You can also break away from this anchor very easily if it happens to get stuck on the sea bottom.

  • This anchor is great for working over grass bottoms, with decent hooks that you can easily use to set your boat in the right position.

  • This anchor comes in a wide range of sizes, from around 4 pounds to 44 pounds. This is great if you want to augment your fishing style and upgrade to a bigger boat later on.


  • This anchor struggles to stay settled on sandy-bottomed areas, which might be a problem if you are planning on sea fishing.


Stainless Steel 316 Bruce Claw Force Anchor 1.1lbs (0.5kg) Marine Grade Polished

This next anchor is very similar in style to our previous one, except this is made from stainless steel, which makes it great for use against rust and long-haul deep sea fishing.

If you are planning on spending hours of the water and want a durable anchor that can bed in deep, then we would certainly recommend this one - introducing the Stainless Steel 316 Bruce Claw Force Anchor.

This anchor is very durable and will generally last you a lot longer than a regular galvanized anchor, as the stainless steel element will withstand rust for a lot longer.

This anchor usually comes in a clawed design, which is perfect for really digging into sand, grass, rocks and other surfaces.


  • This comes in a very attractive and shiny design, which is perfect for the fisherman who cares about how they look on the open water.

  • Not only is it stylish, but it is also very functional, with a design that will hook firmly into most types of gravel and sand surfaces.

  • This is very heavily weighted, so you won’t have to worry about it causing your boat to drift - this is very important for deep seas fishing where it might take you hours to find the right spot.

  • This has a solid one-piece design that will be very resistant to bending and breaking, which is everything you need in an anchor that is being used in rough waters.


  • Some users have reported that this anchor has gotten slightly bent during the retrieval process.


Five Oceans FO4448 Danforth Style Fluke Anchor, 25 Lb Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Boat Anchor, for Pontoon, Dinghies, Fishing Boats, Bass Boats, Sport Boats, Sportyachts, Sailboats

This anchor comes in all sizes, you can pick it up in 4, 8 or 13-pound weights.

The smallest style of anchor is great for use in shallower waters, whereas the heavier anchor is great for waters between 16 and 20 feet in depth. 

This style of anchor is probably the most popular because it has a great style and wonderful durability - introducing the Five Oceans Danforth Style Fluke Anchor.

This anchor is probably the cheapest on this list, which makes it perfect if you are new to fishing and you might be worried about impacts and scrapes that will naturally occur as you get acclimatized to your fishing vessel.

This anchor might not be the most durable, but you won’t mind splashing out a few dollars on a few over a year.


  • The price - the price on this anchor is amazing, so if you are strapped for cash but want to hit the water sooner rather than later, we highly recommend this one.

  • This anchor can be used in many different styles of vessel, whether it’s commercial fishing vessels or small sailing boats. This is very versatile and can be used on small and medium-sized vessels.

  • This anchor traditionally lays flat, which will really help you with storage in your boat. Often you’ll want to keep the overall weight of your gear very low.

  • This anchor comes with a highly effective breakaway chain, so if your anchor does get trapped for whatever reason, you won’t have to worry about detaching it.


  • As mentioned above, this is a very cheap anchor and some users have complained about it wearing out within a few months of use.


WindRider Superior Boat Anchor Kit Fluke Anchor with Anchor Chain and Anchor Rope Boat Anchors for Pontoon, Sail, Small Boats, Boat Anchors for 25' Boats

This next anchor is the perfect all-in-one kit, giving you everything you need to simply plug in your anchor and get going.

You won’t have to splice the line or drill a hole with this one, introducing the WindRider Boat Anchor Kits.

This style of anchor is renowned for its superb holding power, all you have to do is throw it over the side and let it dig in flat to your gravel bed.

This comes as an extremely solid one-piece design, so if you do manage to lose your anchor then you won’t need any scuba gear to retrieve it.


  • This anchor comes ‘ready to launch’, which means that you won’t have to get into the nitty-gritty of having to splice your rope, feeding the line and making sure that your connection is very tight.

  • This anchor is one of the best to retrieve, with a sturdy chain that is attached firmly to the base of the anchor itself.

  • The flat shape makes it easy to dig into the gravel and is also great for storage - if you have lots of fishing gear, then the chances are that you’ll want to keep it light.

  • This comes with a stretchy elastic line that will reduce the damage on your anchor as well as the wear and tear on the anchor line from waves.


  • Some users have complained that the ringlets provided with this kit do not fit their existing chain. Make sure you check the measurements of your existing line before buying.


ISURE MARINE Stainless Steel Delta/Wing Boat Anchor 33lbs

Our final anchor is probably one of the sturdiest that you can find on this list, with a very solid steel one-piece design that you can be sure will give you a reliable performance every single time.

This comes in polished stainless steel that will resist a lot of rust and other types of water corrosion - introducing the Isure Marine 316 Stainless Steel delta/Wing Style Boat Anchor.

This anchor has a great holding capability, which will keep your boat nice and steady on the waves. This is a great all-round anchor, applicable to deep-sea fishing and shallow riverbed fishing.

This will hook you into any number of water bottoms, from rock to coral to sand, it will keep you firmly fixed no matter what.


  • This comes in polished stainless steel, which will be resistant to rust and other harmful corrosive water elements.

  • This is a great anchor to have for experienced fishermen, it is very durable and rarely gets stuck on the river bottom - that is as long as you know what you’re doing!

  • This comes in a very thick, one-piece design, so you won’t have to worry about it bending or getting damaged out on the waves.

  • This has a great eye in the handle that will be able to accommodate most pre existing lines and chains, no matter how thick.

  • The wider base on this anchor will allow it to dig into the riverbed a lot firmer, making it great for softer materials like sand and grass.


  • The price - this is probably the most expensive units on our list. However, when it comes to longevity and not succumbing to the elements, then this anchor really is hard to beat.

Best Boat Anchor Buying Guide

Often selecting the right anchor is only the first part of the battle, you’ll need the right accessories to keep it hunkered down in the ocean or river.

Whether it is a nylon line or a hook, you’ll want to have the most sturdy ties between your boat and anchor to avoid the anchor getting lost.

Here are a few of the essential accessories that you’ll need for your anchor:

Braided Nylon Anchor Rope

This type of braided nylon rope is mainly used by fishers because it absorbs the natural movements of the water and sinks very well.

It is also both lightweight and extremely durable.

Anchor Chain

You’ll definitely need one of these to make sure your anchor doesn’t get away from you. The anchor stops the anchor rope from lying on the seabed floor and becoming torn and damaged.

It also allows the anchor to be pulled horizontally and prevents it from getting ripped from its housing.

Anchor Buoy

This is perfect for use to retrieve your anchor from the seabed, especially when it has snapped from its chain.

Best Boat Anchor - FAQ's

Which Is The Best Anchor?

If you are a recreational fisher, then we would certainly recommend that you use the claw or Bruce anchor, as this is great for use with boats under 20 feet.

If your boat is fishing over 20 feet, then we would suggest that you use a delta or winged style of anchor.

Each anchor has its pros and cons, so you might have to do a fair bit of reading before you find the right anchor for your style of fishing.

Which Anchor Is The Best To Use On Softer Beds?

If you are choosing to set up your boat over loose sand, then we would definitely recommend the Danforth or Fluke style of anchor.

This has a large surface area that can dig into loose sand much better than the narrow and more pointed anchors.

If you have plenty of hard sand, then we would recommend that you have a delta sand option, which is also cheap, so perfect if you are trying to save yourself some pennies.

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