4 Best Bay Area Sailing Schools

Sailing appears easy. Most people think they can simply hop onto a sail and then get moving.

Sailing is different from paddling a boat.

I know this because I have a sail and a paddle boat.

My twelve-year-old daughter knows how to paddle the boat.

However, when it comes to sailing, she always thinks you should paddle them. 

I could teach her to sail, but sometimes I get buried in paperwork.

There are sailing schools I could take her to.

So, if you live around the Bay Area; here are the 4 best Bay Area sailing schools below that you can join or enroll someone.

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1. Modern Sailing School and Club

The school has been around since 1983. It has won the American Sailing Association Outstanding School of the Year Award (ASA) thrice.

Students joining the school are exposed to award-winning instructors.

Your odds of becoming a great sailor are therefore high.

The school challenges students to be better sailors by sailing on San Francisco Bay.

It is generally considered a tough place to sail on, so if you learn to sail on the bay, you will be able to sail anywhere.

A common challenge sailing here is the strong winds.

After all, you become a better sailor by challenging yourself.

2. Afterguard Sailing Academy

Typically, a sailing class in this institution takes 2 days.

Within two days, a student will not just know how to sail.

Instead, they are going to learn all other boat-related stuff.

For instance, students will learn sailing lingo, how to tie sailing knots and understand what is expected of crew members.

After you perfect your sailing, you can rent a boat from the institution.

Additionally, there are youth camps you can join.

Imagine how fun it will be when you can sail with young sailors like you.

3. Delta Sailing School

Have you ever visited a seashore and discovered it was choke-full of ships?

You might encounter the same problem in some sailing schools.

Sailing with other overcrowded ships limits your chances of traveling widely.

In this school, you will have an opportunity to sail along with unexplored areas of the bay.

Also, there is sufficient space so the school will never get overwhelmed by many enrolling students.

As you sail, you will enjoy the incredible wildlife in the bay as well as steady winds.

The school is situated in a section that doesn’t receive turbulent winds, so you do not need to worry about your boat capsizing.

If you also need to sail cheaply with the school, you can join its club memberships.

By joining its membership, you will not have to worry about spending any money in case your sail malfunctions.

4. Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

The school conducts its classes for audiences depending on their needs.

Some students may want to learn sailing for fun while others may want to transition into the club’s racing team.

You only need to decide which path you want to undertake in your sailing journey.

Bay Area Sailing Schools

So, you have learned how involving sailing is.

Otherwise, if it were easy, there would be no need for sailing schools.

You can put your sailing skills into use.

Rather than sail for pleasure, you can turn it into a money-making venture for you through fishing, for instance.