Boating / Sailing Fanatic

Hi, I’m Drew, a self-confessed boating fanatic, a husband, a dad to three terrific boys, and I guess you can also now call me a website owner.

I have been boat-obsessed for as long as I can remember. I guess that’s what growing up near the sea and the lakes will do to you.

My three boys and my beautiful wife all (thankfully) share this love of boating with me, and as a family, we get out on one of our many boats as often as we can. 

All these years of sailing and boating experience have taught me many things.

My learning has been very hands-on which has always been wonderful.

However, I have often found myself wishing that there was a source out there that I could have used to help me learn more.

That’s when it hit me - why don’t I make that source myself?

After toying with the idea of Team Origin for a long time, I finally decided to dive into the deep end and begin. 

I want to use my website to share everything I know about boating, from letting you know about the best boating accessories, answering your questions about painting boats, and even exploring safety issues, this website has it all.

Whether you are a newbie to the world of boating and sailing  or have been doing it for years and have come across something you’re not quite sure of, this website is for everyone and I hope you find it useful.